Whatever you first impression of Paxos, the sparkling Ionian Sea that you crossed to get here and the stunningly beautiful landscape that symbolizes this small island will not have escaped your notice.

Paxos is almost completely covered with olive and cypress trees and is criss-crossed with walker friendly tracks and footpaths that lead you through terraces and around dramatic coastlines to idyllic coves, peaceful hamlets lost in time and to the shimmering turquoise sea. A sea that is clearer and more beautiful than any website photo or guide book description could hope to do justice to.

Add in the myriad of beaches and the charismatic waterfront tavernas and it is no wonder that travel writers drool; perhaps a Sunday Times journalist summed it up when he described Paxos as one of the 20 great holiday destinations worldwide.

A holiday in one of our spacious apartments, like the island as a whole, helps you forget the modern day pace of life completely so if you and your family like the “kiss me quick” holiday mentality with donkey rides, arcades and chips - the 18 square miles of Paxos is not for you.

However, if you like to indulge in a comfortable and relaxed life style and enjoy the good things in life then Paxos may well be your paradise. It’s all about high quality food & drink, deserted beaches, hidden coves & creeks (only accessible by hired boat), romantic strolls or just watching the people and the world go by. It’s all about Paxos and a week or more our A Place in Paxos Apartments is the Greek Island holiday you have always promised yourself!

Lord Byron commented in 1823 “I am at last determined to go to Greece; it is the only place I was ever contented in.”

How true his words remain nearly 200 years later.

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